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At Four Hundred Rabbits we love fermentation. It's the core process in two of our very favourite things: sourdough pizza and craft beer. According to Aztec folklore, the God who first discovered fermentation got it on with the goddess of alcohol one night and they had a whole bunch of children. They were known as the 400 Rabbits (or Centzon Totochtin.) These Rabbits lived the good life: boozing, partying, getting into all sorts of mischief. It sounded great. So we named our place after them.

The History of us

Believe it or not, we weren't always a Four Hundred Rabbits, we actually started out as 'The Lido Cafe', a brunch/coffee shop and 'beach bar' overlooking The Brockwell Lido. But we always wanted to do pizza and beer. 


We finally made the leap into the world of sourdough in 2015, opening up our first (and still our flagship) Rabbits in Crystal Palace. 7 years later and four more Rabbits under our belts (plus one global pandemic...) we're proud to say we're still a 100% independent, family owned business and looking forward to what comes next. None of this would have been possible without our amazing team and loyal customers. Thank fluff for all of you.



We proudly display the Real Bread Campaign's sourdough stamp on our menus. What does it mean? Well just like bread, there are a lot of pretenders out there in the sourdough pizza world. But we're not pretending.


Our dough is 100% sourdough which means no added yeast, no preservatives, and no shortcuts.

Each dough ball has proved for at least 72 hours before being opened, which is how we get our signature crust thats somehow both fluffy and crispy, with the perfect tangy bite. 

Find out more about The Real Bread Campaign and make sure you never eat anything thats pretending to be something it's not.

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