Our pizzas draw influence from those found in Napoli but we wanted to create something new, something different.

We use our sourdough starter (or mother), organic British white and rye flour. We knead it before fermenting it for at least 48 hours and then cook it at around 400 degrees in our wood fired oven.

The result is a base with a great flavour, a sourdough tang and a texture that is light but with a chew. Top that with the best tinned tomatoes we can get our hands on, the perfect fior di latte mozzarella and seasonal British toppings and we have our London sourdough pizza.



We use predominantly British ingredients and follow the seasons, particularly with our monthly specials.

Our charcuterie is from CANNON & CANNON who are ambassadors for a new wave of British producers creating superb cured meats using animals that have been ethically and sustainably reared.

We believe that superior ingredients make all the difference. Take our tiny, delicate LILLIPUT capers for example or the 35 DAY, DRY AGED RARE BREED BEEF that adds so much more flavour.


We use our sourdough starter (or mother) plus organic British white and rye flour to make our dough. We then leave it to ferment (rise) for at least 48 hours and often more, much longer than normal.

This gives a much deeper flavour and makes it easier to digest as a lot of the “work” to break down the enzymes has already been done before you eat it.

We stretch it by hand and then cook it in our wood fired oven at around 400 degrees. This all results in a really flavoursome dough with a great texture and chew.


There are tomatoes, then there are SAN MARZANO tomatoes and then there are SAN MARZANO DOP tomatoes.

Similar to champange, these must adhere to a strict criteria and must be grown in the San Marzano region. They are pretty much the best tinned tomatoes money can buy.

They are not cheap but give an amazing balance of acidity and sweetness that makes them worth it.


Contrary to popular belief buffalo mozzarella does not make the best pizzas. What you need is FIOR DI LATTE which is made with cows milk.

We use the best we can get our hands on – CASEIFICIO PONTICORVO. The higher fat content means this behaves perfectly when introduced to the very high heats in our wood fired oven.

It melds with the tomatoes resulting in a pinkish sauce rather than just ending up with lumps of cheese, giving a deliciously balanced mouthful.


We love fermentation. The Aztecs also revered the process and worshipped both a goddess of alcohol and a god that discovered fermentation. According to aztec folklore these two got it together one night and created many offspring known as the 400 rabbit gods or centzon totochtin.

These rabbit gods lived the good life, constantly going to parties and getting into mischief, alcohol was involved more often than not.

At Four Hundred Rabbits we celebrate fermentation and two of the best things it has given us, pizza and beer. We think eating and drinking with friends and family should always be fun, and about good times. Much like the 400 rabbit gods did.



CRYSTAL PALACE is open from 12pm everyday. Last orders are at 9:30pm Sunday – Thursday, 10pm Friday and Saturday.

NUNHEAD is open from 12pm Tue – Sun. Last orders at 9:30pm. Closed on Mondays.


We don’t take reservations so just turn up. When we are very busy we will take your name and number and let you know when your table is ready via an app called Qudini.


Our pizzas, beers, gelato and coffee is available to go – Beers are £1 less to take-away. You can order online, on the phone or in person.


We have high chairs and all of our pizzas are available in half sizes for kids at half the price.


We have GLUTEN FREE bases available. If you have any allergies please let our staff know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


Sign up to our loyalty scheme using one of your contactless cards and collect points, each time you eat with us. And get a free coffee just for signing up!

Collect one point for every pound you spend. You can check your points online.

Points are cumulative, so you get another reward with every 50 points.

You can collect and use your points at either site.

What you get with your points:

  • Your first 50 points – a free dessert
  • Your next 50 points – a free pizza
  • Your next 50 points – a free dessert, and so on…
  • Get 500 points and get a free bottle of wine.

Please note; Service charge does not go towards points. You can only claim one free reward per table.

If you order take away online, please email us to add the points to your account: info@400rabbits.co.uk.


West Norwood Update – It’s Not Good News

We announced a few months back that we were opening a Four Hundred Rabbits in West Norwood.

Sadly, late last week we found out that the landlord has pulled out and the site can no longer go ahead, just a week away from signing the lease. To say we are gutted is an understatement. We had been working on this for over a year and had put a lot of time and effort in, it’s also where we live so was really close to our hearts.

We don’t normally communicate publicly on new sites until we have a signed lease but as we had submitted a planning application with all the info available on Lambeth’s planning site we chose to communicate it a bit earlier this time around. We don’t regret this and we were overwhelmed with the support and excitement we received from people.

We are still super keen to open in West Norwood and we are back on the hunt for somewhere right now. If anyone knows of anything then please let us know as we are exploring all options.

Sorry to those that were looking forward to this and we really hope we can find somewhere soon that allows us to bring what we do to SE27.

You can now buy our chilli oil to take home

After perhaps a little too long, we have finally got our habenero chilli oil into lovely little bottles so you can buy it, take it home and stick it on your pizza.

We are open in Nunhead

So we opened our doors in Nunhead yesterday and it was great to meet lots of new customers. Doing it all over again tonight and tomorrow then back open again on Tuesday.

A New Four Hundred Rabbits In Nunhead

We are extremely excited to announce that there will be another Four Hundred Rabbits opening this summer in…. Nunhead.

We are opening on Evelina Road on the site that used to be the awesome Bambuni who are moving to a new location just down the road.

Expect our 48 hour fermented London sourdough pizzas, lots of craft beers (draft, canned and bottled), GELUPO Gelato and Allpress Espresso UK coffee.

We are hoping to be open in August but we do have a bit of work to do. As soon as we have a date we let you know.

So excited!


Great news! You can now get our pizzas and craft beers delivered to you. We now take Deliveroo orders, so as long as you are “in the zone” you can order directly though their app or website.

Gluten Free Bases

Are pizza’s are now available with gluten free bases. We can’t say that they are 100% gluten free due to the flour in the oven and in our prep area, however the bases themselves contain no gluten. Just ask for one instead when you order your pizza.

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