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Ca HEllen bianco -  Made in Puglia from the greco grape variation, this is a light skin contact wine. With flavour notes of stone fruits, this wine is light and aromatic.

BAby bandito 'keep on punching' - Made using the Chenin Blanc gape variation this wines is full of flavour and has a citrus fruit tang. The flavour notes are apple, pear with a hint of white peach.

1 Muscat d'argila - This Spanish muscat wine is made using the muscat grape variation. It's full of flavour with notes of apple, fennel and stone fruits, this is an aromatic and fruity on the palette

LO PETIT FANTET D’HIPPOLYTE CORBIÈRES BLANC - Made from a mix of the Marsanne & Roussanne grape variations. This French wine gives a storng fruity smell from the outset and on the palette has the strong fruity taste with some garrigue spice and  crispy acidity.

La patagua 2021 - Made in Chile, this wine is a variation of Semillon and Moscatel grapes. The flavour notes include, ripe pineapple, lychee and citrus fruits.


Pink & Orange

The Pink Moustache - Made from Cinsault, Syrah and Mourvèdre (Grape variety) blended together to create this delicious floral wine. 

CA ORange puglia calcarius  - One of the more niche wines in our list we have this fresh orange wine. This had broad citrus and stone fruits tones (particularly peach) with a hint of floral honey.



Vino rosso Alessandrino 2020 -  Made from the Barbera, Dolcetto and Croatina  grape variety this wine displays a juicy red cherry  with a hint of a smokey flavour. 

CoolA Hills Pinot - Made in Australia with the grapes grown on volcanic soil with a cool breeze this is a more complex wine on the palette. The notes in this wine give a  fruity tone and hints of french oak.

LA Cueva 2021 -This natural wine comes from Chile. made using the Carignan & País grape variation this on is full of flavours including dark fruits, spice and floral tones too.

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