West Norwood Update – It’s Not Good News

We announced a few months back that we were opening a Four Hundred Rabbits in West Norwood.

Sadly, late last week we found out that the landlord has pulled out and the site can no longer go ahead, just a week away from signing the lease. To say we are gutted is an understatement. We had been working on this for over a year and had put a lot of time and effort in, it’s also where we live so was really close to our hearts.

We don’t normally communicate publicly on new sites until we have a signed lease but as we had submitted a planning application with all the info available on Lambeth’s planning site we chose to communicate it a bit earlier this time around. We don’t regret this and we were overwhelmed with the support and excitement we received from people.

We are still super keen to open in West Norwood and we are back on the hunt for somewhere right now. If anyone knows of anything then please let us know as we are exploring all options.

Sorry to those that were looking forward to this and we really hope we can find somewhere soon that allows us to bring what we do to SE27.